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Back in Action

2012-05-28 03:55:29 by PaedarchyGreed

Sweet knuckle junction - Newgrounds got a revamp since I've been on!
I totally need to get on more often!

How be the Newground audience and patronage nowadays?

Flew the Coop

2012-01-15 02:57:43 by PaedarchyGreed

How is one supposed to feel after leaving home unexpectedly?
Has anyone else 'run away from home'?


Fool's Ball

2011-04-01 15:32:18 by PaedarchyGreed

I know I've been scarce for about a week or so from NG, but I'm about to embark away from technology period for the weekend. Camping in a Woodstock type experience for epic win :]
I shall return Monday <3 Down the rabbit hole ~ Cheerio!

Fool's Ball

Hell yeah! Who else gets a spring break?
No, I'm actually not in school. Somehow I managed a vacation from life. Back in my old town with good friends and just chilling with internet and peace 'n quiet for once. :D
Its mighty groovy and I'm enjoying Newgrounds everyday of my lovely break. I even logged on during my birthday ;D

Spring Break = NG Overload


2011-03-10 23:54:32 by PaedarchyGreed

I'm lvl 9 now and movin' on up <3

Check out my newest painting and I'd appreciate some feedback on it, if you don't mind, and maybe some ideas on what to paint next since I'll be getting my paint supplies up and unpacked sometime within the next week or so ;D


2011-03-07 14:32:59 by PaedarchyGreed

Well, I'm feeling better.
Only a few people have seen my latest painting :(
You should check it out, its adorable!

I did find out I had strep throat, so I'm taking meds for that and shall be on NG more :]
As for cranking out more supplies are currently in another county three hours away xD
Sorry! Any suggestions for my next work? (be nice)

New Art!

2011-03-05 14:35:41 by PaedarchyGreed

Welp! I may be sick and somewhere other from my orginal place of origin (I moved), but I finally, finally got my new painting uploaded!
Its so cute, I'd really appreciate it if you went and took a look ;)


2011-03-03 01:36:22 by PaedarchyGreed

I have returned and am settled somewhat, so I'll at least be rating my daily amount of flashes until I get my own computer up. :] I am still setting up my room so it may be a hot minute. I'm actually typing this via a wii.

Dark Times

2011-02-25 00:24:42 by PaedarchyGreed

Well...I may be taking a tiny hiatus due to some serious RL troubles and an unexpected move.
Today has been a sad day for me. Had to take one of my kitties to the pound and start packing...knowing I'm leaving a lot of friends behind.
Very sad indeed.

So I prolly won't be poking my head into Newgrounds for awhile until I get things settled again ;/

Dark Times

Breathing in

2011-02-22 15:56:18 by PaedarchyGreed

Well my weekend was fabulous. Yes, the long weekend for those dead presidents I don't think twice of except for the commercials I happen to catch watching the news or Criminal Minds.
I was busy with my boo and omg, engrossed playing Mario Galaxy!
I can't tear myself away, that's a great game. I started playing saturday and I'm already to 40 stars ;D
I acted like I was all pitiful and needed aid from the bf, but in truth, I'm pretty kick-ass at video games, especially Nintendo/Mario games. Mario and I go way back <3

I took a break from my extensive game play to do some time on Newgrounds ;D

Breathing in